Smart Business Online offers Domain Name Registration and Branded E-Mail Service include Domain Name Forwarding - Domain Name Cloaking - Domain DNS Service - Domain Name Hosting. Free Domain Names available if you open up a new domain name business hosting account.

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Our E-Mail Services is supported from 101Highway Web Messaging System.
A full-featured e-mail account with a branded e-mail address using your domain name -!
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With your hosting account, you have the option of choosing either e-mail forwarding or POP3 e-mail accounts. The number of accounts that are included in your monthly web site hosting fee is based on the level of the account you purchase.
E-Mail Service
What is POP E-mail?

POP E-mail Accounts are "real" e-mail accounts which store your messages on a server, just like your ISP stores your e-mail for you.

How does it work?
POP E-mail Accounts are similar to the e-mail address your ISP gives you. The mail is stored on a server until you pick it up with your favorite e-mail program (Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Eudora, etc.), or you can use our Webmail interface to read you mail. In addition, your POP E-mail Account comes with Catch-all and an Auto-responder!

Can I have more POP e-mail address?

Yes! Our Hosting Accounts coming with more then 1 Pop account
[ 5-30 Pop Accounts ] you still need more ? we charge you $15/Year for a additional E-Mail Pop Accounts!

What is an Auto-responder?
An auto-responder sends an automatic reply to each e-mail delivered to your POP account. The auto-responder does not reply to e-mail sent to your E-mail Forwarding addresses. Some examples of how you can use an auto-responder are acknowledging that you received messages or informing people that you are on vacation and won't be reading your e-mail for a couple of days.
What is a Catch-all?

What is Webmail?
Webmail allows you to send and receive e-mail using your Web browser. You can access your e-mail from anywhere with an Internet connection. If you've ever used Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail or any other Webmail service, this is the same kind of service. The only difference is, instead of, your e-mail address is!

We can forward all e-mail from your domain name to your current e-mail account.

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We optimize your web site’s html code for web site positioning
Our web positioning and search engine top ranking service rockets your web site in front of your competitors. more

Search engines and directories we recommend:

Google - Alta Vista - Open Directory - Yahoo! - Northern Light - Excite

Lycos - Hotbot - MSN - LookSmart - Ask Jeeves - Direct Hit

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Free Domain
Registration !
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$16.95 per Month
Business Hosting,
Free Domain Name,
Free E-Mail,
Extensions, FTP,
CGI Bin and much
more are available
when you open up
a new account for
3, 6, or 12 months.


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Search engine
registration service
increases your
online business!
48 Hour Inclusion
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to AOL, MSN,
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82 Million Search Request per Day !

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The Sucess of any
Web Site starts
with the right
Layout, Design and
Technologies of your Web Site .
Contact our
Experts and
discuss your opportunities

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